The Four Seasons of South Texas

This was originally published in January 2011 in the San Antonio Express-News.

 The Four Seasons of South Texas

I have heard many times that there are only two seasons in South Texas: hot and not so hot. I don’t believe that because it does get below ninety degrees after September and the trees do change colors.

But how do you know the seasons have changed?

I know it’s Spring when I see the first bluebonnets along the side of the road. Spring is a sea of wildflowers and trees budding out along with grass turning green. It’s mornings that have a bit of nip in the air and afternoons that are warm but not too hot. Though if you’ve lived in South Texas for more than a year or two you know to be on the lookout for that last cold front that drops temperatures fifty degrees in one afternoon along with a blast of cold rain. But once that last cold front moves through, it’s blue skies and sun all the time.

Then there is summer, the most famous season in South Texas. Summer is blazing blue skies with a side of haze, and humidity that makes you want to wring out the air. That first blast of heat ignites a burning desire for cold drinks, water parks, and fun. The grass is green if we’ve had rain and brown dust if we haven’t. You see yellow lantana blooms along with hibiscus and bougainvillea in every planter in the city. It’s the smell of barbeque, cold beer and margaritas at every party. It’s ice cream and raspas, shorts and flip flops. And if all else fails, you can find someplace with air-conditioning to get out of the heat.

Fall comes later in this part of the hemisphere though you know it’s here when there’s a chill in the mornings and the afternoons aren’t as hot. It’s traveling through the Hill Country and seeing the trees changing color and the grass turning to light-brown and swaying in the fall winds as you drive to the Hill Country. Then there’s that first blue ‘Norther cold front, and the burnt dust smell when you turn on your heater for the first time. It’s also time to put away the flip flops and pull out the socks.

Finally, Winter comes. Temperatures stay below burning-hot and above bracing cold unless a cold front has blown through. Winter is snuggling in coats as you shop or take in the lights on the Riverwalk. It’s also abundant sunshine on Christmas so kids can go outside and play with all their new toys. It’s bright blue sky, star-filled skies at night, and tamales and sweets at every party in town.

The seasons do change in South Texas in sight and smell, sound and delight. And all you have to do to see that is look at the changing colors and savor the delights of each season. And remember, the cold never lasts more than a few days.

Unlike the heat….

Breaking Radio Silence: Reclaiming a Feeling


Reclaiming a Feeling


A few months ago, I was in the car alone when the song ‘Flashdance (What a Feeling)’ by Irene Cara came on the radio. I didn’t change the station like I always had done before when the song came on because I was in heavy traffic. But I’m grateful for that traffic because for the first time in close to thirty-six years, the song put a smile on my face. So when I got back home I put it on again, listened to the lyrics a bit more closely, and bawled my brains out in my kitchen over a plate of breakfast tacos.

Why the tears?

Well, there’s a line in the song about crying all alone silent tears full of pride. And that made me break down because I’ve done that since I was a little girl, before that song came out even. But that day in the kitchen those tears began a healing process that has me looking back at my younger self with love and kindness.

The reason I grew to hate that song and never wanted to hear it again was because I heard it five days a week for an entire school year in gym class the year it came out. Every day we started class with exercises done to that song and I was always at the back of the class trying to keep up. And I could never keep up or do anything right physically because I was an overweight girl with terrible balance and coordination. I would always drop something, trip and fall, and get picked last for any team.

So you can imagine my childhood had some pretty miserable times. What saved me from drowning in that misery was my imagination. I have always had a vivid imagination and have spent a lot of time in my imaginary world. I used to think that was a bad thing but looking back I see now it was a matter of survival. Because I have never fit in anywhere and was made to realize that from as far back as I can remember.

For the longest time, there was a part of me that felt like I was at fault for not fitting in. That I could have been less klutzy, learned how to talk to people, or just somehow found a way to fit in. But for some reason, the Universe deemed me to be someone who wouldn’t be like most everyone else. I’m fine with that now and I see that being the odd one out didn’t make me a bad person. And as for all the bullies and assholes back then both child and adult, I’ve left them behind.

Leaving someone or something behind is my form for forgiveness. It’s saying I’m not staying back in the past and I’m not going to let my past define me. I’m not going to think any good I do is wiped out whenever I make a mistake or have a klutzy moment. Because I’ve come to realize no one has all the answers and if they say they do they’re full of shit.

When I talk about reclaiming my past I mean I’ve begun to think like the little girl I used to be. Because back then I didn’t look in the mirror and see a fat, shy, and klutzy kid. I saw a girl who could smile, sing, and dance without fear of failure. I saw a girl who found the courage to stand up and speak even if it meant risking failure, ridicule, or ostracization. I like the fact that she was stubborn and proud, but would have apologized all over herself if told that.

What I like about my younger self was that she wasn’t hard and cynical. She hadn’t let the world grind her down yet and she did that by knowing deep down she wasn’t a bad person. Granted, as a little girl I spent a lot of time in my imaginary world but it was time well-spent because I think it was my way of surviving the bad things. Because when I’ve gotten away from that imaginary world I get hard and cynical.

The feelings I’ve reclaimed from my past are a sense of wonder, of imagination, and of joy in the simplest of things. It’s a feeling of knowing I’m not perfect, but that I’m not a bad person either. And it’s an acceptance that I’m not destined to fit in anywhere, something I’m feeling much better about than I ever have before.

My silence wasn’t a bad thing. It was a way of surviving sometimes. But it was also a way for me to find my own voice, even if it was inside my head most of the time. And though I’ll never really sing or dance very well (my vocal chords have been trashed by my all my years of chronic allergies and being on the phones, and I can’t dance very well because due to my scoliosis I really am off-balance). But that’s alright because my world hasn’t ended because I can’t sing or dance very well.

Like back then, I know life will go on. And I can decide how I want to go on with it. One thing I want to go on with is looking at myself and thinking that at least in my own imagination, I can sing and dance.



Extras: Driving Tips Not for the ‘Fast and Furious’

The first thing my father taught me when I began to drive was this (warning: strong language here but I want to quote my father exactly): “Act like each and every one of these sons of bitches is going to do something stupid that can get you killed and react accordingly.”

So for the year that my dad rode with me teaching me how to drive, he would constantly say things like ‘what if this idiot over here swerves over towards us, what are you going to do’. Yes, I will freely admit it was annoying but it was very good teaching as all that repetition turned thought into pure instinct. And those instincts are still intact to this day and much-needed as much I’m on the road.

Because on an average day, I probably see at least three near-miss collisions in front of me and sometimes I come close to being in one of them. And yes, I use lots of bad language (in my head if I have people with me in the car, and out loud if I don’t) whenever I see bad driving.

There’s a commercial on the radio here for a big personal-injury lawyer and it says the top causes of accidents continue to be speeding, drunk driving, and tired or distracted driving. But I want to go a little further than the obvious here with my driving tips that I would like to see so I don’t have to use bad language every day on the road:

Speeding: Speed limits are not set arbitrarily. They’re the top safe speed on that stretch of road on dry pavement so if the roads are wet SLOW THE HELL DOWN!!! Why idiots want to hydroplane in the rain is beyond me but these idiots sometimes get other people hurt or killed. Also, slow down whenever you’re coming to an intersection, a lane you’ll have to merge over from, or a freeway interchange you’ll have to slow down to go into the curve with.

Tail-gating: This will have me cursing the driver doing this to me straight to Hell and back. It’s wrong on every level and there is no justification for it. And if you rear-end someone because of tail-gating you will be found at fault for doing it. If you’re running late, that’s no one’s fault but your own so grow the hell up and leave with enough time to get where you need to go.

Distracted driving: I believe people who are caught texting while driving or doing anything that takes their hands off the wheel completely should be arrested, or at least fined heavily and the ticket be a major moving violation. I see this all the freaking time despite the laws against it and there is no justification for doing this.

Drunk driving: I honestly shouldn’t have to say this at all but this is a big reason why I don’t like to drive after midnight or one a.m. now. I read about too many drunk driving crashes and I honestly don’t want to be a statistic. Not only do Uber and Lyft help people get around, they save lives. So don’t be a stupid-ass drunken cheapskate and drive drunk.

Now driving and navigating is not easy and I was recently asked how I do it. I replied that it’s taken a lot of practice to get to where I can drive and navigate as well as I do. If you don’t do this on a daily basis I suggest you study the route you’re going to take and try to learn how to read a map. And I hate to say this, most people don’t know how to give directions. I don’t mind landmarks being used but sometimes people honestly don’t know their right from their left. Also, people are not as specific as they should be so if someone gets turned around because of your crappy directions, don’t blame them.

Finally, watch out for the idiots on the roads because there is no cure for stupidity. My father always said driving was a serious business and he was right. So please, for the love of humanity, take your driving seriously and don’t drive badly, or like a dumb-ass entitled jerk who thinks he’s in a ‘Fast and Furious’ movie.

Life on the Hustle: Freedom to Be The Boss

At the end of May 2016, I quit my last call-center job after realizing I can’t sit for eight to ten hours a day in a chair anymore (the month prior to that was sheer agony for me as I was in constant pain from my lower back). In July of 2016, I took on my first gig-economy job which was food delivery. Then later that year I took a gig delivering packages for a contractor for Amazon. Both gigs dried up for me and I started driving for Uber. And I’ve been with Uber ever since.

Now I’ve read a lot of articles about the so-called ‘gig economy’ as its’ referred to. People in the gig economy are independent contractors, meaning we get paid directly and get nothing taken out for taxes, Social Security, and insurance. Which is fine because there are a lot of deductions available, but I won’t go into a tax-talk here (as you should always see a tax professional for any questions related to that). What a lot of detractors to the gig economy will go on about is how there is no minimum wage or benefits and no real protections. I will say a lot of these articles read like class-A click-bait written by people who have no real knowledge of what gigging is like. I spent close to twenty years in the corporate-call center world and all I got out of there with was a few thousand dollars in savings and a slightly-messed up back. And in corporate-call center world there was always the threat of being managed out the door if they decided they didn’t want you there anymore because you wouldn’t drink the Kool-Aid the way they wanted you to. (And yes I know that sounds terrible but it was my experience, and a story for another time)

The reason I keep gigging is that I’ve been out of the job market for too long and would have to do some serious ass-kissing and groveling to get a job and two, I like the freedom I have with my gig job that doesn’t involve Kool-Aid drinking with the sword of Damocles hanging over my head. Now with the gig economy you do make your own hours but in order to earn money you’ve got to work those hours, or hustle as we say. Which is fine by me as I’m not afraid to work. Yes, more money would always be a good thing (and that’s probably coming with the new incentive program Uber is introducing for its’ drivers). But if you ask any gig worker the biggest reason why they do what they do it’s simply put, freedom.

The gig economy is freedom from punching a clock and having a set schedule that life can really mess with. It’s the freedom of not having a supervisor or manager to report to who may not be the right person for the job. It’s the freedom to think on your feet and solve problems without someone nit-picking your decisions to pieces. I will freely admit that my views are seriously-colored by my years in corporate call-center world which is probably one of the most uptight and regimented work environments there is. But I’ve discovered that escaping from that and being on the road of freedom has made me hell-bent on never going back to that prison again.

Now with the gig economy there are ups and downs because supply-and-demand fluctuates. And yes that increased supply and leveled-out or lower demand can depress earnings, but those of us who have stuck with the gig know you just have to ride it out.

But as I’ve told a lot of my passengers in addition to the freedoms above, I’ve also discovered I like being my own boss. Because of all the bosses I’ve ever had I’m my favorite. This freedom and independence is why people like me do what we do and it’s what’s given me the courage to pursue a writing career. Because I know writing, like hustling an Uber, requires a lot of hard work and patience but if something isn’t working you can make changes until you find something that works. Because although a hustle can be a lot of hurry-up-and-wait, it’s never been a soul-sucking grind for me.

So if I had to sum up hustling for a living I’d say this:


– You have the freedom to make your own schedule as you’re not working to the clock.

– Remember the busier it is and the more money you make, the sooner you can go home.

– Be able to think on your feet and solve your own problems.

– Be good to yourself, and to the people who are paying you to do your job.

– You are your own boss so be the boss you always wanted to have.

My Top Ten Writing Guidelines

I don’t believe in writing ‘rules’ because there aren’t any. There are NO laws governing writing because even ‘rules’ on grammar and usage keep changing over time. What doesn’t change is the infinite variations on the writing process based on individual writers and their need to communicate with the written word.

But if I have to impart any advice to writers it would be the following:

1) Don’t write to perfection. There will be a few but very rare times when something comes out the first time and doesn’t require any significant editing. Most of the time, your writing will require multiple rounds of editing to make it work well.

2) Remember, you can always revise later. As one of my all-time favorite authors Nora Roberts once said, “You can’t revise a blank page.” Get it down first so you can revise and edit. Because revisions and edits are a fact-of-life with writing.

3) Edit and revise but don’t beat the crap out of yourself in the process. I know so many writers who write and edit while beating themselves up at the same time. Yes, there are times when you’ll read something and not have any idea what you were trying to say. But unless you were writing drunk, high, or seriously messed-up, cut yourself some slack.

4) Try to understand that writing is purely subjective. What one person likes someone else won’t. Accept that as a fact of life and try to figure out what it is that works, or doesn’t work for you.

5) Writing days can be up and down. Some days the words will flow out of you like a water tap turned on full. And sometimes it will be a trickle. And some days the tap will be dry. Yes, you can push yourself but if the writing isn’t flowing, you might need to take a step back to try and figure out why.

6) Don’t adhere to absolutes with writing. For some writers, adverbs don’t work at all and for some writers they’re good friends that can be very useful. Personally, I don’t have a problem with adverbs though I do make sure they serve a purpose and aren’t just marshmallow fluff.

7) Don’t compare yourself to other writers. You’ll always fall short sooner or later and then you’ll feel bad and probably not be able to write. I believe every writer has to figure things out for themselves and you have to do what’s best for you.

8) Read your work out loud to yourself. I believe in this because when you read something out loud not only do you hear the rhythm of your words, you’ll also catch a lot of mistakes, too.

9) Know that with writing, like anything else you do in life, you will get better over time if you keep at it. Because if you keep learning, you’ll push yourself to go further and deeper and your writing will get better because of that.

10) Don’t let Fear stop you from writing. This is advice I really need to take myself but knowing that I’ve retreated from my writing because of Fear is the first step in moving away from it. Don’t let the bullies and jerks of this world ruin writing for you, and don’t give them any power over you.

Good luck with your writing.

Catching Poetry

Earlier this year I began writing poetry after not writing it for more years than I can remember. When I was around twelve years old I filled spiral notebooks with poetry and entertained ideas about becoming a songwriter-lyricist before I moved into fiction. I enjoyed writing poetry and when I began writing it again this year I wondered why I stayed away from it for so long.

Well, when I began posting it online in a writers’ group I belong to, I was ridiculed and bullied by a fellow member. And I let this bully silence and shame me because I didn’t want to upset the group dynamic. I didn’t have the courage to speak out against how terrible I felt for what he was trying to do to me. Now he’s out of my life and that group and I’m forever grateful for that.

I will not let anyone silence me again for whatever I write. I enjoy writing poetry and will share it here and elsewhere. I have discovered not only a love for writing it, but I’ve also discovered that it’s a good way for me to organize my thoughts from the sometimes-maddening whirl of them in my mind.

But to pay tribute to Monty Python here, I’m glad I caught poetry again. For poetry isn’t like an STD or anything else you don’t want to catch. It’s something you do want to catch and keep.

January 18, 2018

Catching Poetry


I write to say I may have caught poetry

I would rather catch poetry than a cold or the flu

I would rather quote a great Monty Python skit than be without poetry


It is fun to write verses

Even if they don’t always rhyme


Oh my, this is the third poem I’ve written in the last three days

Now I know I have caught poetry

And I don’t want to let it go


For poetry does not give me a scratchy throat

Or a stuffy head like my allergies do

It does not exhaust me to write

Nor is it hard to edit


Have fun with poetry, I say

Let the words flow

Read them out loud to find the perfect rhythm

Because I believe anyone can write poetry

If they just listen for the words


And though some of us are able to put them onto paper

(or a computer screen in my case)

Or even find the courage to share them with the world

I believe poetry is within all of us


For the world needs poetry, like it needs all of the arts

It is joy and pain, thought and feeling

It is the human experience in us all


I am forever grateful I have caught poetry

And I will never let it go

We Ride at Dawn – Introduction

I hope the above file works. I haven’t put audio on it yet but you can run it as a slide show.

Below is the introduction to the political book as I’ve been calling the file for quite some time. It’s a project that’s been in the works (and with as many deleted files as any other project I’ve ever done). It’s taken me a while to find the hook but please note I don’t plan on ranting and raving. Instead, I want to talk it out and let each reader decide for themselves.

We Ride at Dawn:

Peeling Back the Layers of Fear and Political Rhetoric




The Story Behind the Title



November 7, 2018


I’ve been wanting to write a book like this since the 2016 Presidential Election but it’s taken me two years to find the hook I needed to start with. A few months ago, the term ‘peeling back the layers’ came to my mind and it hasn’t left. And when something sticks around like that I start to look at it closely.

What I’ve discovered as I look at politics just over the last thirty years is how many layers have built up over not just the issues, but the political process itself. It’s like complex discussions are turned into thirty-second sound-bite commercials or screaming rhetoric that drowns out any real discussion of the details of the issues at hand. Because of this reduction of complexity and extreme amplification of fear, we have the huge divide in our society today.

I have faith in people, though. And I have faith in our political system even as it’s been terribly abused by those in power right now. What I want to do with this book is peel back the layers of rhetoric, fear, and all-around bullshit to get to the heart of the issues at hand. I’m not a scholar, or a policy wonk, or a professional pundit. I’m a very average, working-class Jane who’s never been rich, or very successful. I’ve always had to work for whatever I had and even when I did start to make some money and get on my feet, life kicked all that out from under me.

I will say right here and now that my political views and positions are what are referred to as Democrat, Progressive, Liberal, and Leftist. I accept all those labels and embrace the ideals and positions behind them. This book will explain why because I have challenged myself to really think through the issues at hand to arrive at the positions that I have. But I want readers of this book to think for themselves, and to work through the issues in their own way and arrive at the conclusions they do. I won’t tell anyone what to think or feel even if it’s different from me because I think everyone has to figure things out for themselves.

The title ‘We Ride at Dawn’ is from a series of poems I’ve written about politics. I write poetry to think things out in single lines and find ways to organize my thoughts in prose. This series of poems are a rallying cry, though, a rally cry for people not only to get involved, but to think things through and peel back the layers of fear and bullshit to get to the true heart of the matter.

Breaking Radio Silence – Introduction – Leaving Fear

This is the introduction to my book ‘Breaking Radio Silence’

Leaving Fear to Find Questions and Answers

For a lot of people, if asked to visualize Fear it would be a huge monster with blood dripping off its’ fangs as it towers over you and blocks out all the light.

For me, Fear is a monster, but it’s a monster with an enormous cloak that envelops me in silence. It’s a retreat that’s always there for me and it’s always welcoming. But I can’t stay there forever, nor can I let Fear guide me in my life.

So breaking radio silence is leaving Fear’s embrace to live my life to the fullest. It’s about not running back to Fear’s embrace when something scares me or hurts me in my life. It’s about finding the strength and courage to do what I want to do and keep doing it for the rest of my life.

I won’t lie to you and say that I’m not feeling scared right now.

What am I scared of?

Anger, ridicule, doubt, good intentions.

I’ve always been scared of people getting angry at me. I’m very sensitive emotionally and since anger is very powerful energy I feel it at a very intense level inside me. My own anger scares me so much that I’ve repressed it more than anything and I don’t ever want to give in to it. But I’ve come to realize that anger is a part of me and that I don’t need to repress it when I can find ways of dealing with it constructively.

Ridicule is something I’ve dealt with as far back as I can remember. I was a very shy, fat, awkward, and klutzy child, which I’ve always said is not a recipe for social success. I’ve tripped, stumbled, and fallen on my ass both literally and figuratively so much if I had a dime for every time that happened I’d be richer than J.K. Rowling. But I also tell myself I’ve always managed to pick myself up off the ground and keep going though mostly in silence.

Doubt and good intentions go hand-in-hand because every time I’ve stepped out of my quiet little role wanting to do something I’ve never done before, people have asked me the following questions:

– Do you know what you’re getting into?

– Have you thought this through?

– Are you sure you can handle this?

The answer all three questions is ‘no’. These questions have always caused me to doubt myself in every way possible and when I challenged that, I was told those questions were being asked for my own good. And the reason I call them good intentions is because they’re not if they create fear and doubt in someone.

All my life I’ve felt like people have been so terrified of seeing me fail at something they’ll do anything they can to keep that from happening. I honestly don’t know what inspired this over-protectiveness other than being a fat, shy, klutzy kid because whenever I did fall on my ass I always tried not to sit there and cry about it. I always felt like I had to get up and keep going and keep trying to figure things out for myself, and do things for myself, too. Maybe it was that odd combination of independence and klutziness that some people just couldn’t understand or handle.

I will freely admit here I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time. I’ve learned on the job more often than not and had to think on my feet and solve problems pretty quickly. And if I do make a mistake now I don’t beat the living shit out of myself like I used to. I’ll apologize and make amends, but I’m not going to wear my mistakes like a lead weight around my neck for the rest of my life.

And that’s something I really want people reading this book to understand: it’s okay to make mistakes and if anyone claims to have all the answers to call bullshit on them even if it’s only inside your head.

Because as I’ve begun to look back on my life I’ve begun to ease up on myself. In fact, I’ve looked back on my past self with a lot of kindness and compassion. I see a person who somehow managed to get up off the deck and keep going no matter how hard life threw her to the ground. I’ve been told I have a shit-ton of pride stuck up my ass, but I will say that pride kept me going when nothing else did. The only bad thing was that stubborn pride kept me silent when I shouldn’t have been. That’s something I’m learning to overcome here now.

So breaking radio silence and leaving Fear’s embrace is about living with strength and courage that I’ve always had, being kind and compassionate to myself and the world around me, and living my life knowing I don’t have all the answers and never will. Life is learning experience, and I believe we learn by doing.

I’ve been silent for too long. And in homage to the television show ‘Doctor Who’, my silence will fall when not only do I ask the questions, but I find some answers, too.

No one should be silent, or feel they have to live that way. Because although Fear can be a warm and quiet place, it’s not somewhere you want to live forever.

Introduction – Breaking My Radio Silence

I’ve been blogging on and off for about a decade now and each blog has gone silent. The reasons for the silences vary and I won’t go into them here other than to say I won’t let those reasons silence me again.

The goal of this blog and website is to use it to establish my writing career.

There. I said what I’ve been wanting to do for the better part of three decades now. Yes, ever since I was about twelve years old and started writing in earnest I wanted to earn a living off of it.

So what stopped me?

A lot of things, which I will go into in the ‘Breaking Radio Silence’ book that you’ll be seeing a lot about here. I’m at a point in my life where I know I can make things up as I go along if I have to, but also know that I can keep going even if I get knocked down. Besides, it’s just me, my dog, and my cat and those two are pretty low maintenance though I wouldn’t go anywhere without them. Eventually when this writing gig takes off, I want to get a van and trick it out to where I can live out of it with my dog and cat while we hit the road.

Although I love where I live and seeing the city day in and day out, I want to see the rest of the world, too. And I want to be able to live and work on the road and I figure writing is as good a way to do that as anything else.

Am I nuts in doing this?

I don’t think so. I tried the nine-to-five corporate gig and all I got out of it was a slightly-messed up back and a ton of stress I couldn’t medicate with alcohol (I don’t drink alcohol because my body reacts to it like I’m allergic). Right now I’m a full-time Uber driver because it’s a gig where I can be by my own boss and earn money without dealing with too much bullshit.

I’ve spent all my life battling fear and doubts and I’ve gotten to the point where I see where they come from. And if anyone asks what took me so long to do this, I’m not going to answer that question directly even if the intent behind it isn’t an on-the-spot demand like it’s always come off to me. The answer to that question is a lot more complicated and deserving of a much-lengthier explanation.

And no, I have no real idea of what I’m doing past a certain point. But NO ONE has all the answers and if anyone claims to I call ‘bullshit’ on them. All I can do is study, learn, and do. I can change direction if something isn’t working and if I fall on my ass doing something then I can just pick myself up and keep going like I always have. And if someone has a problem with that, they can take it up with me directly or just be totally ignored by me.

But I will say I won’t be just posting willy-nilly here. I’ve got topics and categories I want to write under as well as book projects to put together. So I’ve got the focus I need and I know if I start to avoid something then I need to figure out why. But these projects I have going have been with me for so long and haven’t let go no matter how hard I’ve avoided them sometimes. And when things stick with me through thick and thin, like my dream of being a full-time self-supporting writer, I know this is what I really want to do with my life. Once I accept that something is here to say with me, I feel a clarity and a calm I know is true and real.

Because one thing I’ve learned over the last few years is that if I listen closely enough, answers will come to me. But I’ve also accepted I can change things if I have to, and that sometimes I just need to be patient and let things play out until I come to an answer. And yes, I know this sounds a bit woo-woo but expect a lot more of that here because although my woo-woo might be non-denominational, I believe in it.

So, what will I write about then?

Whatever I want to, to be a smart-ass in reply to that question.

In reality, I’ll be working under these main categories:

1) Breaking Radio Silence: Memoire/self-help hybrid topic so these posts will be going towards that book.

2) We Ride at Dawn: This is my political topic heading and these posts will be going towards a book, too.

3) Poetry: Yes, I write poetry. And yes, I will be compiling it into a book someday.

4) Writing: Since I’m a writer these entries will be about the writing process including grammar.

5) Short fiction: For the longest time, I didn’t think I could write short fiction but then I discovered I can.

6) Novel Excerpts: I’ve got one cooking right now and many, many more to come.

7) Life on the Hustle: This one will be about my time on the road as an Uber driver along with other entries about my previous incarnations as a call-center wage-slave and such.

8) Extras: One-off entries (or more) about anything not under the above categories.

Writer and Poet