First Video

Here it is: my first YouTube video.

It’s just a PowerPoint presentation of me doing my Deep POV writing workshop in easy-to-digest sound bites. It was over eight hours worth of work, multiple recording takes, and editing of slides.

But I did it!!!!

And when I first heard myself on playback all I thought was, I don’t so bad. For years whenever I had to listen to my myself (during my call-center days) I was cringing. And that was because I sounded like a chipmunk on helium or a chipmunk with a head-cold. Yes,  call-center recording equipment is that bad. But now, I kind of like the way I sound. And I know I’ll get better as time goes on.

So my message to all of you who read this is simple: just do it. Don’t think of yourself as being an idiot or not worthy of doing something like. You’re not an idiot for wanting to do something. Yes, it’s nerve-wracking stepping out of your comfort zone but well worth it. Don’t worry about trolls or someone making sarcastic or nasty comments. Just freaking do it.

Yes, this isn’t high-class and fancy. It’s a first attempt and I’m proud of it. I busted my ass to do the best I could and make it work. My goal was to keep it short, sweet, and simple. Over time, I’ll learn more but NO ONE is born perfect or knowing exactly what to do. Anyone that tells you otherwise is of full of shit you can probably smell them a mile off.

Now to work on another video.

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