Cats on a Wednesday


If you ever look at a calendar of mine and then missing days where I should have blogged you will see a correlation. TMI warning: PMS and the actual visit from Aunt Flo hit me hard these last few days. No appetite, no energy, gained about five pounds that I don’t need, and am on an emotional roller coaster that’s not like an amusement park (except for the wanting to barf part).

Personally, I think hormonal hell should get you out of work because I once talked with a co-worker and she was telling me how she got dinged on a call for going off on a customer (who was being a super-jerk so he kind of deserved it). Her boss asked her what happened and my co-worker said she was having her period and in hormonal hell. Her boss said she understood perfectly and let her off the hook.

And that’s something else: letting yourself off the hook. I had a thought this morning about how I still battle this dumb-ass voice in my head that says I should be doing this or that. My pissy response to that was: oh, really? Unless it involves me having to be somewhere at a certain time doing something, uh, no. Priority one after getting up in the morning is making the coffee and feeding the cats then having that first cup of coffee to keep from committing mayhem.

But I did get another PowerPoint video done for YouTube yesterday. The new mic worked like a charm and I sound pretty good. So I did accomplish something! And I got a check in the mail on Monday (it was a refund of an overpayment I made for some dental work- at the time I knew I was over-paying but I couldn’t prove it), and also on Monday I finished a short story (so I did manage to push through some of my hormonal bullshit over the weekend).  Yesterday I took some pictures that I want to play with though I’m battling sinus problems today (it’s bad enough to cause an allergy alert). But I’ll be okay.

And that’s the big thing here, kids. Even if it’s just getting out of bed and going to work, or making the coffee and drinking a cup without any human contact, you’ve accomplished something. And if someone wants to piss all over that just deploy your umbrella and tell them to piss off.

Or as my cats would say (if they could talk): just curl up and go, whatever.

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