Finding Trust


For the last couple of days I’ve been chewing on something and I finally got it worked it out this morning.

On Sunday I had a thought: are we in love with ideals and not the real thing? This question came about as I was thinking about why people stray from relationships- loving an ideal of someone and not the real person.

Yesterday I almost felt paralyzed by the thought of that question not having a real answer. Then I realized it does: you have to take a leap of faith and trust not only yourself, but someone else. I think life in general is about trusting that things will work themselves out if just given a little time and patience. Or put another way: I tell myself not to hit the panic button at least once a day.

I think this is another component of what I’ve called my ‘unconventional faith’.  Life is all about ups and downs and I know I’ll make it through. The problem I have is that I lead a solitary life with my own head for company most of the time. And I’ve got a head full of thoughts, feelings, memories, and lots of pretty useless trivia. All of this mixes up and sometimes it gets snarled up. But like a traffic jam, eventually the snarl will work itself out and I’ll get moving again.

I will say this was a productive time of chewing on this bit of philosophy I posed to myself, though. I think I’ve been dancing around it for a while and I hit the wall over the weekend but eventually found a way around it. Now I know not everyone has to the time like I do to chew on things but I think if something is eating at you, take that time to work through it. I tried to do it here but this wasn’t the right venue for it. It seems my best venues for stuff sometimes are either on the road or out walking.

So, back to the grind.

One thought on “Finding Trust”

  1. Excellent article and definitely food for thought.

    The idea of love is powerful and overwhelming but it is also about trust, not only trusting ourselves but the one who might bring that idea to reality.

    I think we have to allow ourselves to hope the things we want will work out. It is all about trust.

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