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Just a roundup of what I’m doing, listening to, watching, etc.

First, I have a GoFundMe page for my doggy Darcy. She’s currently dealing with bladder stones and on antibiotics and prescription diet food. In a month, the vet wants to see her again for x-rays and urinalysis. Hopefully she’ll have gotten rid of them by then. It’s tough for her when she’s trying to pass one of these bladder stones (and for me because she’s going outside about every 10-20 minutes). This looks like something we’ll have to keep an eye on for the rest of her life.

Currently watching:

On regular tv:

‘The Deadliest Catch’: It’s the only reality show I have ever watched and these don’t consider it a reality show but a documentary. It’s about the crab fishermen in Alaska and if you think you’re having a bad day at work, you ought to see what these guys battle at the office (30-foot waves, boats breaking down in the middle of storms, crazy crew members). I’m bummed though because this season my favorite captain, Johnathan Hillstrand, is retiring. John has always been the funniest guy and also one of the toughest, too. But I’m happy for him and I think it’s taken a lot of guts for him to walk away from something he’s done for almost forty years.

‘Doctor Who’: It’s Peter Capaldi’s last season and I’m going to be a mess at the Christmas episode when he passes the torch. He’s become one of my favorite Doctors for all the things he’s brought to the role.

‘Grantchester’: This I’m watching on Amazon Prime though Season 3 starts this Sunday on PBS. It’s about an Anglican priest turned amateur sleuth and his police detective buddy. They’re a Mutt-and-Jeff duo that really work well together. But what makes this series really work is that it focuses on the characters as much, if not more, than the mystery sometimes.

Music: I’m a 30-day free trial with Amazon music and in all likelihood I’ll keep it because it’s giving me access to certain artists that I can’t get with the freebie edition. Currently I’m listening to a band called ‘The Call’. They were mainly around in the 1980’s and sadly their lead singer Michael Been passed away a few years ago. It’s really driving rock with synthesizers (hey, this was the 80’s) but Michael Been’s voice was amazing and powerful.

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