Twenty Bucks and Being Nice

I got a $20 cash tip this morning just for taking a guy to the airport. He was really nice and we just chatted the whole way but I didn’t see how much money he’d given me till I got back in my car and he’d gone inside. Man, it does pay to be nice to people.

But I’m nice to people even without a cash tip in return. Because as my father used to say, it doesn’t cost you anything to be nice to someone. Now that doesn’t always work out but crabby people have been few and far between. Some of my passengers are chatty and some aren’t and I don’t mind either way. As I like to say, everyone has a story, and those stories are what make us all human.

My $20 passenger also said I should probably have a blog with my food recommendations and such. 😊 I told him I had my domain purchased under my real name and he was a bit surprised by that. But I told him my name isn’t that common so it was available. And he has a good idea with the food recommendations so in the coming days and weeks I’m going to give some places a personal whirl and tell you what I think about them. And I’m going to try some food I’ve never tried before, like sushi and curry.

In other news, not much else going on. Allergies kicked my butt over the weekend with massive headaches that I could not shake. I hate that kind of pain because it makes my eyes hurt and it shoots my concentration all to hell. But the worst part is the exhaustion because my body was so worn out trying to fight this off. Allergies are like an autoimmune response and I wish to God mine would learn that they don’t need to go bat-shit crazy when the mold count is up. And I also wish they’d let me have a drink but I’m not going to push for that too hard.

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