Give and Take Without Instructions

Last night was ‘Deadliest Catch’ night (the show about the crab fishermen in Alaska) and last night on the Saga, Captain Jake Anderson got into it with one of his crew members. It was bad enough to where he had the crew member confined to quarters. The problem was, this crew member was the most experienced so the rest of the crew couldn’t really function too well without him around it seemed. So Jake let him stew for a while then he had a talk with him and hopefully this guy will work out. But Jake said something that I really like about him: he said that if he’s still talking to someone he hasn’t given up on them yet.

So I guess the question I’m asking here this morning is how do you know when to give up or take another chance on something? To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve said that giving up isn’t always an option but in reality, it is. That option to walk away is always on the table no matter what anyone might think. It’s something that I’ve dealt with in the last year with my life and every now and then it comes to my mind. But then I toss the cold water of reality on my head and realize that walking away isn’t as easy as it looks either.

But I believe the concept of give-and-take is also about trying to find hope in a tough situation. You have to give in sometimes in ways you might not want to, but you can also take what you can get your hands on, too. Right now I’m staring down bills of course and income that isn’t perfectly steady (not a set wage). But then I tell myself at least I have that ability to earn income and the freedom to set my own hours. So if I need more hours they’re there. But also, I’m learning that I can make the most of what I’ve got.

As I look back over the past year I tell myself it wasn’t wasted time. I’ve been far from perfect but life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. I think you have to write your own and listen to your gut. And I think that if you keep talking then you’ll make it. My father said something like that to me once years ago and he was right. It’s when things go silent that you worry. In fact, as comfortable as I am with silence sometimes, I also fear it, too. I fear it because it means I’m not thinking like I should, or keeping at something even when it’s like beating my head against a stone wall.

So the give-and-take here is that you have to give off yourself and take what you can get in return. It won’t be perfect but as long as you keep doing it, you can keep going no matter what the Universe decides to throw at you. Because there is no magic answer, and life, like kids and pets, doesn’t come with an instruction manual. You just make it up as you go along.

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