My Prayer of Thanks

From time to time, I’ve had people ask if there is anything they can pray for me. I tell them thanks for the offer of prayer but I decline because I’m grateful for being given the day I have to live my life. Because no matter how tired, angry, sad, or hurt I get during the day, I also give thanks for having the day to live in. So if I were to say a prayer for myself, it would be a prayer of thanks, and go like this:


For every single day I live

I give thanks

I give thanks to God, the Goddess, and the Universe

For being all around me

And within me


I give thanks that I awoke today alive

I give thanks for the breathe in my body

For the energy I had to get out of bed

For the needs of my pets to feed and care for them


I give thanks to seeing the sun and the sky

For breathing clean air

For having clean water to drink

For having food to eat

I pray for those that don’t have these things

And I pray to God to guide those who can alleviate this suffering on Earth


I pray for people to find hope in the darkest of parts of their souls

And in the world around them

And I pray that those who bring the darkness

Are brought into the light of justice


I know I can pray at any time

So I pray for hope most of all

Not just for myself

But for everyone in the world


But for myself I simply give thanks in prayer

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