Taken November 7, 2018

Hi, my name is Michele Sayre (duh!). I’m single (never been married) and I don’t have any human children. I have two fur-children, Ronan the cat and Darcy the dog.

Here’s a picture of the two knuckleheads:

Ronan and Darcy

I’m forty-four and a native Texan. I was born in San Antonio but moved to Houston with the family when I was three then moved back permanently when I was fourteen. I’ve never been to college and have spent most of my professional life in call-center world.  A little over two years ago I left that world and haven’t missed it at all (not even the paychecks because trust me on this one, there was never enough money to compensate for the stress and bullshit of that world). I currently drive full-time for Uber and am pursuing the writing-gig full-time, too. Hopefully the writing will overtake the Uber gig and I’ll be able to get my van and work from the road.

In addition to writing, I love to read and I’m not picky in that respect. I love music with my true musical love being 80’s music since that was the decade I came of age in. I like sci-fi stuff but am willing to give pretty much anything a whirl. My favorite foods are tacos and hamburgers though I love Italian and will try anything else. I’m also a local history aficionado which is good for my line of work as playing tour guide here in San Antonio can be a bit lucrative (I get tips, too).

Writer and Poet