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Where Is (Political Poetry Friday)

Well, the good news is we haven’t blown ourselves to Kingdom Come. Bad news is the shutdown is still grinding on. But there may be a sliver of hope for more things to come with a devastating news report of possible obstruction of justice, which always seems to start off the Impeachment process (at least it did for Nixon and Clinton).

But like Carmen San Diego or Waldo, no one seems to know where Senator Mitch McConnell is so he can get to the floor of the Senate and hold a vote on reopening the government. But he’s not the only thing that has been lost but eventually found.

Where Is


First, where is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell?

Or better put,

Where is his commitment to serving the American people?

Where is his conscience in terms of suffering?

Who does he stand with?


Where is the reasoning for the shutdown?

What part of working without pay is right?

Why do some of our elected leaders just don’t care?

Or seem to, anyway.


For if someone in power cared

They’d open the government

Get everyone paid and caught up

And make sure it never happened again

They would put people before politics


But then it’s seriously alleged the President lied

And had his attorney lie

And not just about an affair

Or a blow-job like a Democratic predecessor


So where is the outrage for this lie?

A lie that is a direct threat to national security?

A lie that is taking away from the shutdown?


Where is the outrage from the Right?

They don’t like being told they don’t care

But why aren’t they campaigning for a reopening of the government?

Because they’ve demonized government for decades?

Because if they campaign for actual working people

Forty years of demonization might have been for nothing?


Where is the Truth?

For there are no ‘alternative facts’

And the only ‘fake news’ is made up of lies

Or an attempt to back-track

To Deny

And Lie



For telling someone to lie to Congress

For under the law that is obstruction

It was the first article of Impeachment for Nixon

And for Clinton


But this is not just obstruction

Or collusion

This could be high treason against the United States

This could be allowing a foreign power to subvert

To destroy America

Through a political party

Through a movement

Through a gun lobby


So where is the truth?

It is out there

And it will be found because there are people who do give a damn

They give a damn about what really matters

They sift through the evidence

And justice will prevail


So where is our real leadership?

Working hard behind the scenes

And in front of the cameras

Looking to be the leaders we need

And certainly don’t deserve at times


Where is hope?

It’s right here

It didn’t leave the White House in January 2013

It arrived back in force after the 2018 Mid-Term Election

It’s also still working hard in the Special Prosecutor’s Office


It’s where this will all end up in

The hope for a better future

With lessons learned

And questions answered with just the truth

Political Poetry Friday – The Real Crisis In America Today

Why political poetry on a Friday?

First, I figure if we make it to end of the week without being blown to Kingdom Come we’ve got a chance. Not much of one sometimes if shit still ain’t getting done (I’m glaring at you son-of-a-bitch McConnell), but not glowing in the dark and dodging nuclear-fried zombies is as good as place as any to end the week on.

Second, poetry keeps me from spewing out huge blocks of text full of profanity I’m sure no one would really read. Short lines of poetry can keep the profanity down to a dull roar.

Third, my dad used to call Fridays ‘poets day’ with the word ‘poets’ being an acronym for Piss On Everything Tomorrow’s Saturday. So my political poetry is a way of pissing on things that need to be pissed on because tomorrow is Saturday, and that’s a day most people need if they’ve been slogging it out on a nine-to-five Monday-through-Friday grind. (for the rest of us, Saturday’s just another day of the week if we work it).

So today in honor of the crisis that isn’t, here’s my Friday political-poem:

The Real Crisis In America Today


The real crisis in America today is not a wall

It is the fact that people are suffering

They’re hungry





They’re the families of the federal workers not being paid

They’re the homeless on the streets

They’re the families with little to nothing at all

They’re the soldiers suffering from a war that refuses to end for them


Many of our elected leaders don’t give a shit

They show that by not voting on reopening the government

By giving massive tax cuts so billionaires can steal

By overturning regulations to destroy our environment

By saying every single time someone proposes to do something:

“But how are we going to pay for it?”


And that is a question they can’t answer without revealing their complicity

Their aiding and abetting of theft

Their desire to lobby for those NOT in need


A wall against hordes that don’t exist is their crisis

But the real crisis is right in front of them

It’s the person on the street-corner asking for money

And these bastards saying not to give handouts to anyone

Even as their sick greed could kill us all


But it won’t

Because I have a strong faith in people

I have faith in young politicians who refuse to back down

Who stand up to the bullies from the Right

Who refuse to give up

Or give in to cynicism

And politics as usual


I have faith in the special prosecutor’s office

In a man who has served his country for decades in and out of uniform

And kept his counsel to himself

And inspired that quiet counsel in the team he leads


An immigrant is no threat you or me

They’re not going to take jobs

(Because they take the ones no wants, or are qualified to do)

They’re not being given any special privileges

They’re not eligible for government benefits

Yet they pay taxes

They’re here because it’s safer than where they came from

Because there is opportunity here


The real crisis here is racists in government

Members of Congress who question the terms

‘white supremacy’ and ‘white nationalism’

Who obviously have read their history with a selective eye

And also the self-hating Jew in the White House with no hair

Who perpetuates a policy of walls and camps

With the goal of so much worse


The real crisis here is people suffering

And people thinking suffering is noble, and just


Jesus did not believe in suffering

He believed in alleviating suffering in any way possible

He said to feed the hungry

Clothe the naked

Heal the sick

Welcome the stranger

He didn’t say poor people deserved nothing

But said they shall inherit the Earth


Sorry Jesus but we’re going to have to take that inheritance by force

By the force of the ballot box

Of peaceful resistance

By standing up and saying what the real crisis here is

Not the crisis invented as a smoke-screen

A smoke-screen that can’t hide the real crisis of complicity

Of collusion

Of hatred

Of cruelty


The real crisis here is not a wall to keep others out

But the walls that people put up in their minds

Walls that shut out compassion




There is only one good use for a wall

And that is to build a home

A refuge

A shelter against the storms of suffering


The real crisis in America can start ending with one vote in Congress

To reopen the government

To take back the money stolen by greed and corruption

To stand against hatred and cruelty

To let the wheels of justice run their course

For hope to win over suffering