What Does My Stuff Say About Me?

Earlier, I made a comment elsewhere (www.facebook/superubergirl) about people and the types of cars they drive, specifically big pickup trucks and SUV’s. A lot of those drivers are jerks behind the wheel and I always say they have to be compensating for something, or a lack of something.

But it got me thinking about what my stuff might be saying about me? For the most part I think my stuff, and lack of, would say that I’m a poor slob who’s an idiot. I am a poor slob but if someone thinks I’m an idiot just based on my stuff (or lack of stuff), then they’re the idiot. Because here’s what I think my stuff, and lack of, really says about me:

My car: It’s a bright-red 2015 Ford Focus. For me, it’s about driving something that’s good on gas but roomy enough for people and their luggage. It’s also about having a little fun because of the color and size. Also, I like to think it means that I don’t need a ton of car around me on the road. I don’t feel the need to drive some huge-ass urban tank (as I like to call big SUV’s and pickup trucks). We don’t live in a war-zone and I don’t need that much space for people and stuff. I know I probably shouldn’t judge people who drive big vehicles but in reality I have to wonder how much of that space gets used on a regular basis. Because if it’s sitting empty most of them while that monster-truck wannabe burns enough gas to eat some atmosphere, then I think it’s a severe depreciation of value.

Lack of stuff: Right now, I only have my clothes, a few odds and ends, and my pets’ stuff with me and in storage just boxes of books, photos, and a few pieces of furniture. When I had an apartment full of stuff, I wanted to get rid of it all. Granted, a lot of it was way past its’ prime but even then, I still wanted it gone. For me, stuff seems to grow like kudzu and be an invasive species that wants to take over my space. Maybe some day I’ll feel differently but right now, any type of clutter or being in a place where I can bump into things makes me want to turn tail and run.

I won’t tell someone how to live or how to have a relationship with stuff. But for me, being without a lot of things hasn’t hurt me. I know that everyone can’t live like this either, and I didn’t know if I could until I had to but I’ve decided I like it. A lot. So much so I’m not sure if I’ll ever acquire a lot of stuff again. This is also why I do keep the idea of living in a box on wheels in mind because a small space like that would prevent clutter.

Because for me, I’ve come to realize that I want space and freedom more than a house (or apartment) with stuff again. I’m not ruling out the possibility of ever settling down again but right now, I don’t see that happening. I’d like the financial security that comes with a job and a place to only pay for once a month. But I sure as heck don’t miss the clutter and always-rising cost of living associated with that, either. Maybe I’ll figure out how to live in a set space without letting stuff-clutter grow like kudzu someday. And maybe I won’t. But most of all, no matter what happens with or without my stuff, I’ll always try to find a way to be happy.